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Questions ?

Some Questions you may have

We totally get it.  Here are a few commonly asked questions.  If anything else, don’t be shy!

What's your turn around time ?

Since I shoot digital and film, turn around time often depends on the film lab.  I send my stuff to the lab in Toronto and they usually have it processed in a week or two max.  I basically do minor touch-ups and then send those lovelies to you.  Wow… Long answer.  So how long? Two weeks for portrait sessions and four weeks for wedding photos. Video takes longer, but I try to have that done a week or two after photos.

What is an in home studio session ?

I’m glad you asked.  It’s the best thing ever.  I bring a small studio set up to your home (one or two studio strobes/flashes and some big umbrellas or softboxes).  We try to find a blank wall as a backdrop or I can bring my own (takes up extra space).  That’s pretty much it.  Due to space constraints, five or so is usually the max I can accomodate. This is a great set up for maternity and newborns.  Since this is such a controlled environment turn around time is fast.  Usually under a week. If something different or out of the ordinary shoot me a message.


How many weddings do you shoot per year?

We’re available for a limited number of weddings per year. We try not to accept more than 20 annually.


For weddings, there is no limit to the number of images that you’ll receive. On average, it’s usually in the 400 – 600 range. For portrait sessions, it’s in 50 to 80 range.


Big time. You’ll receive a link to download your images in full resolution and without watermarks. A print release is built into your statement of work. You can print the photos wherever you’d like. If you want them done right, I can provide beautiful prints from a professional lab. This ensures they look their best, the way they were intended, and should last for at least 100 years.  Printing rocks!


For sure!.  The both of us shoot with two camera bodies and even keep a whole spare bag of gear duplicates.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the gear we use but to me, it’s not precious. These are the tools we use to create so ya, stuff breaks.  Spares are good.

What should I wear to the photo session ?

Clothes.  Next question.

Can I bring other outfits ?

For sure, though keep in mind, time and where to change. Going back to the last question.  Wear whatever feels good and is “you”.  It’s always good to lay off brand names all over the place and anything else that would be a distraction.  That said, I’m a big plaid and jeans guy.

What's an adventure shoot ?

Fresh air, woodsy smells and a bit of activity.  We go for a walk, hike and even a boat ride if we can get a boat.   Though studio photography is great this is just the opposite.  Real life environmental portraits.  Huge points for lighthouses, mountainy or rocky areas, cliffs, waterfalls and cool bridges 🙂

What should I bring to adventure shoot ?

Not a lot to bring really. Whisky ? Chocolate ? Shoes or boots with good soles.  High heels….not so much. Barefoot is even cool.  I’ll have bug spray.  Dress for weather even if we shoot something creative where you get cold for a couple minutes at a time. You’ll want something warm to run to (heated cars work too).

Are there ticks in the Thousands Islands ?

Bummer of a question but it’s important to know that yes there are. If we go for a hike and shoot it’s a good idea to wash your clothes and grab a shower right after.  Just in case.


Shoot us a quick message at or hit the contact page and we can answer it for you.  We’ll be growing this page and adding more questions.




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